Since our inception in 1996, our main objective has been to provide our clients with high quality consulting services in a timely and cost-conscious manner such that beneficial long-term relationships may evolve. These objectives find their roots in the backgrounds of the professional staff of Woodrow & Associates, Inc. who have considerable experience in the rendering of consulting services to clients and municipalities throughout the region. Our personnel derive a considerable level of professional and personal contentment from assisting in the process of assuring local residents, businesses and the community with a proper quality of life through proper management of natural and material resources.

Over the past four decades, land development has grown more complex as the land supply declined. In the early 2000’s, much of the developable real estate that remains is often in rugged terrain, servicing difficulties are common, and off-site problems can handicap on-site opportunities. Today, understanding and navigating the development approval process is critical to success. So is familiarity with the highly technical issues and state-of-the-art computer-based tools that are essential to modern civil engineering. Our Civil Engineering Division can take a project through planning and zoning, preliminary design, mapping/platting, and ultimately to the final design stage where the project is ready for bid and construction. Thereafter, we provide construction support through plan clarification, contractor and field surveyor coordination, and as-needed plan revision.

In order to meet the needs of our clients in such regards as a consultant within a service industry, we acknowledge that our greatest resource which we can provide to our clients is the experience, knowledge and capabilities of our employees. To such ends, we have sought to attract solid, proven professionals to join us in these endeavors. We are pleased to have established a strong foundation by assembling a staff of highly qualified professionals which will bode well for the future growth of our firm. The Woodrow & Associates, Inc. staff possesses outstanding backgrounds in the consulting field with proven capabilities in all areas critical to the successful completion of projects and the proper fulfillment of duties to related professional appointments and assignments. While just approaching our fourteenth year, Woodrow & Associates, Inc. maintains a staff with considerable lengths of service within the consulting industry, and many have enjoyed working with each other as a team in previous employment tenures. Their selection of Woodrow & Associates, Inc. has its basis in common goals, principals and professional standards learned through previous affiliations. This unique situation offers many advantages to our clients with a cohesive team approach to problem resolution and the promise of long term stability and consistency of product.

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